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Working Principle of Butterfly Valve
Butterfly valve is a kind of valve that is opened and closed according to the rotation of the valve stem to drive the disc to rotate. In the cylindrical passage of the valve body, the disc is rot...
Reasons and Solutions for Valve Hard to Fully Close
In the process of using the valve, there are often some perplexing problems. For instance, the valve can't be tightly closed. So how should do? If the valve is not tightly closed, first find out ...
Notes on Selection of Valves
Selection of valves shall comply with the following principals: 1. According to the use place and purpose of the valve, and after knowing the relevant regulations, specifications, standards and gaini...
What is Butterfly Check Valve?
The check valve belongs to an automatic valve, and its main function is to prevent back flow of medium, reverse rotation of pump and drive motor, and relieving of container medium. Check ...
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