Introduction of several special purpose gas valves

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1. Emergency shut-off valve for pressure regulator
The emergency shut-off valve for pressure regulators is an important safety protection device in gas transmission and distribution systems. The emergency shut-off valve is equipped with an emergency tripping mechanism on the upper or side position of the shut-off valve. Be not only integrated with the body of the regulator, but also integrated with the filter. Its function is to shut off the air source urgently and ensure the safety after the pressure regulator fails and hence overpressure or loss of pressure occurs. he large-scale Use of natural gas in the city has increased the pressure level of the pipe network. The failure of the pressure regulator will bring catastrophic consequences to the city, and the domestic gas industry is paying more and more attention to it. Domestically selected products have not It is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, those imported, joint venture, domestically produced ones. We need to make a careful selec It has a novel and compact structure and high sensitivity. It can quickly cut off the air supply of the regulator at the set overpressure (300mm/H2O) And loss of pressure (180mm/H2O) to ensure user safety;

2. Emergency shut-off valve for gas pipeline
In the case of gas leaks or other disasters in gas boilers, gas air conditioners, and gas equipment, the emergency shut-off valve quickly cuts off the gas source to prevent the disaster from expanding. At present, gas emergency shut-off valves have With the enhancement of environmental awareness and safety awareness, as well as the development of gas industry, gas emergency shut-off valves will surely receive people's attention. The gas emergency shut-off valve is a valve that guarantees the Safety, connecting with automatic monitoring equipment and executing the valve closing command, resulting, the gas emergency shut-off valves are all electric valves. According to the available data, there are two types of valves of this type, one is a solenoid valve and the other requirements of the gas emergency shut-off valve are fast operation, high sealing performance, small flow resistance, specific diameters, etc. Due to the high requi Res of the gas emergency shut-off valve, the existing solenoid valves and electric valves have certain defects and cannot meet all the requirements. These valves are analyzed one by one below:

2.1. Solenoid valves
The present valve has a high speed, but the flow resistance is large, which is the largest flow resistance compared with the in the other globe valves, the pressure loss is large, and the Generally, only solenoid valves below DN150 can be manufactured, which are expensive. For example, if a large-diameter solenoid valve is equipped to meet the diameter requirements, the technical The solenoid valve is opened by the electromagnetic field. The power is lost, even if it is only instantaneously lost, the valve will be closed, hence, the solenoid valve will not meet the actual conditions. Decoupling solenoid valve is energized and decoupled to close the valve. The sensitivity is very high and the speed is very fast. Because of the low voltage of DC, there is a little interference or the power supply "shakes", which will cause malfunction and affect normal life and production;

2.2. Electric butterfly valves
The price of the electric butterfly valve is lower, it is easy to make a large diameter one, the opening and closing speed is faster than that of the gate valve, and slower than that of the solenoid valve; the flow is smaller than that of The solenoid valve and larger than that of the gate valve; the sealing performance is worse than that of the solenoid valve and that of the gate valve. And because the sealing isolation width is small, the speed impact of the rapid opening and closing is likely To cause insufficient opening or closing or over-heading;

2.3. Electric gate valves
The price of the electric gate valve is higher than that of the electric butterfly valve, the flow resistance is small, the sealing performance is good, but the speed is slow, and the emergency cut-off meet cannot be met;

2.4. Ball valves
The flow resistance is small and the sealing performance is good. However, the electric ball valve made in China and imported on the market generally has an opening and closing speed of 15 to 30 seconds. It can not meet the fast requirements. The user's requirements For the opening and closing speed of the emergency shut-off valve are generally within 10 seconds. The electric ball valve has many advantages, and can be an ideal emergency shut-off valve as long as the opening and closing speed is improved.

The emergency cut-off electric ball valve combines the advantages of the ball valve, and the opening and closing speed reaches 3.75 seconds, which fills the gap at home and abroad, and is designed with anti-static and fireproof functions. The electrical equipment can Be connected with the gas leakage alarm and the disaster control equipment, and the auxiliary equipment such as draught fan. The overall design is in line with DBJ08--65--97 "Technical Specifications for Urban Natural Gas Pipeline Engineering". The price is Much lower than that of similar imported products. Once it was published, it was accepted by gas users and received favorable comments.

3. Gas check valve
Compressors in gas storage stations often need to be equipped with check valves to prevent gas from flowing back into the compressor. The water check valve has been eliminated in the gas industry. The main disadvantage of the general gas check valve is that the valve plate vibrates With the reciprocating motion of the compressor. The collision with the valve body makes a loud noise, which easily damages the valve plate. The second disadvantage is poor sealing.

Introduction of several special purpose gas valves

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