Xinhai valves meet mining industry demands of mining and refining processes safer and more efficient, improving the safety environment, decreasing downtime.
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Introduction to gas valves currently used in China gas industry - part two
4. Flat gate valve The flat gate valve is a general-purpose valve that has been used in gas pipelines in recent years. The flow resistance is small at full bore, and the seals on both sides are forme...
Introduction to gas valves currently used in China?gas industry - part one
1. Oil-sealed plug valve   In the 1980s, China's gas was mainly made of artificial coal, and there were more impurities and "gas glue" in artificial coal. The traditional single&nbs...
Introduction of several special purpose gas valves
1. Emergency shut-off valve for pressure regulator The emergency shut-off valve for pressure regulators is an important safety protection device in gas transmission and distribution systems. The emerg...
Latest uses and features of sanitary pneumatic?butterfly?valves
First: Uses and features of sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve?s Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves adopt standard electronic polishing, smooth surface to ensure clean, no media storage area, no p...
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